Enables digital pen to be used in social and creative ways.

Empowers parents and teachers to author interactive materials and inspire children to learn by playing.

Digital pen technology

If you look through a magnifier, you will find many dots on our special stickers. Chameleon Reader decodes the printed dot-pattern through an optical sensor to play the corresponding soundtrack or execute the predefined program.  


It’s completely paper-based and doesn’t require access to traditional software environments. Parents and teachers “program” Chameleon Reader and paper materials using paper-based Controls Bookmark. Children use the developed materials for learning by playing.

It starts from a simple idea.

Our consultant, Zhong-Jie Jiang is a senior language therapist with decades of experience helping children aged 0-12 to overcome communication difficulties.


He came up with the idea of Chameleon Reader for parents, teachers and therapists to help children with special needs such as reading disabilities or speech delay. We found all children would benefit from it.  

Concept and development



Launch 1st generation in Taiwan


Launch 2nd generation in Taiwan


Now introducing
Chameleon Reader

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