• How to make an audiobook? 

  • How to make multilingual flashcards? 

  • Tap & Play on the Go 

  • Transfer MP3 from Computer

  • Backup, restore and multiple readers


Firmware Update

Software (upcoming)

What’s the meaning of LED indicator?

  • Solid green: Everything’s good to go

  • Pulsing green: Recording

  • Flashing green: Low battery

  • Flashing orange: Out of battery

  • Solid orange / red : Out of battery / Charging
    (LED indicator turns off with full battery)

How to achieve better recording quality?


Recording quality depends on your voice, distance and environment. Use the first sticker to test your voice. Calibrate volume with Controls Bookmark so you will have the same comparable basis even at different recording times. Keep the microphone of Chameleon Reader 20 cm away from you when recording. It is fun that record child’s voice while reading together, but if you care about recording quality, you can do it alone in a quiet place.

How to convert soundtracks into MP3 format and edit audio?


You can rip audio CD to MP3 by using Windows Media Player or iTunes. If you want to convert Youtube content to MP3 for personal use, 4K YouTube to MP3 is a 3rd party service for reference. If you want to edit your audio, Free audio editor (Windows) or "Garageband" (Mac) are simple and easy to use.

What if I record and place audio in the same place as an MP3 file?


If you record to a sticker that already contains an MP3 file, it replaces the MP3 file and plays your recording (WAV file) instead.

What if my product has a technical issue?


If Chameleon Reader operates erratically, there are few things that you can try.  


If you still encounter issues after trying these steps, please feel free to CONTACT US