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Encourage Independent Play

Your audio plays from the Chameleon Reader when it touches the chameleon stickers in your books.


Sound, pictures and text come together instantly, encouraging children to engage more.

Great screen free play.

Author Interactive Content at Will

A user-friendly kit for parents and teachers to enhance any literary material with 5000+ audio stickers.

  • Record while reading together.

  • Add MP3 files from a computer. 

  • Create a playlist of tracks to capture a whole book.

Easy to Record

Tap microphone on Controls Bookmark

Tap sticker‭

(‬Record starts‭)‬


Tap sticker‭

(‬Record ends‭)‬

Best Tool for Raising Multilingual Children

Add up to 4 audio tracks per sticker. Record different languages or add music to the story.

Listen, Copy and Repeat

Children record their voice to compare the model pronunciation with theirs.

  • Quick shifting between model pronunciation and the child’s voice.

  • Capability to play slower speeds (MP3 only).

Possibilities are Endless

There is no limit except your own imagination.

Play the whole story.

Add music from a computer.

Change language for whole book.

Play the audio for the page.

Record while practice singing.

Story book

Music book


Tap & Play on the Go

Portable media player for children to access to music and stories anytime, anywhere.

My Library 

Collect up to 400 audiobooks

on 40 booklists.

My Music

Collect up to 400 songs

on 40 music playlists.

Quick Access

without stickers and cards



Storage: 16 GB (record 148 hours*)

Battery: USB rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (charger output power rating DC 5V)

Play time: Play 3 hrs continuously*

Supported audio format: MP3, WAV

Ambient temperature: -10 to 40 ° C

Dimensions (L x W x H): 140 x 30 x 25 mm


*Depends on user scenarios.

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